About us

I started my business at age of 20 and I built my wealth at age of 27. But all of sudden I got a dispute with my business partner and my business for shattered and got bank corrupts. 

Today, I am 40, and I own more than 10 Businesses and Built Crores of Net Worth. You can also Build Your Fortune as I did. How did I start a Business that Helped me achieve Financial Success at the Early Stage of My Life? My parents could not even afford the cost of my education. That was one of the worst phases of My Life I experienced.

I knew one thing at that time that is No Matter What the situation is, I have to keep learning if I want to start earning. I had no money to start a business. 

I started investing My time in learning new things, Gaining Knowledge. I met my mentors. They Guided me on the path of My Success. I learned How can I earn Money by Helping People with the Knowledge I have?

My Knowledge and skill of sharing it with others were the Biggest Assets I gained by investing my time in them. I started my Training Business a couple of years back. It was so successful that I got out of bankruptcy in 2 years. Now I am running a successful online business as a digital marketer and selling my online multiple online courses through internet marketing.

Mission & Vision

There is a lot of unemployment in India.  Most of the students are chasing government jobs, but they don’t understand that online business is also a great opportunity to build wealth, name fame, money, etc. Nowadays the whole world become digital, so you can work from anywhere and earn money online. So I have a mission to educate at least 10 Million people to grow digitally and built a business around their passion.